Partnership and integration
We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, which helps us to improve the characteristics of both our product and the partner's solutions.

Who are we looking for?

Developers of analytical platforms, producers of ACS, turnstiles, video cameras, smart home systems, interactive advertising stands and ACS integrators.
How do our partners benefit from cooperation?

For integrators.

- Reliability. Our product has been repeatedly tested in different conditions at different sites/ objects

For equipment manufacturers.

- Cross-sales. The joint sales will help you to get a large market share.

- We will be happy to provide you with access to our extensive customer base on mutually beneficial terms.

For analytical products.

- Improvement and enrichment of characteristics. Integration of your analytical solution with will improve both yours and ours products.

- Access to our customer base. Together we will reach orders of a higher level. Will be happy to work together for our current customers, mostly the largest Russian companies.
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Albina Yamaletdinova
+7 911 252-25-96
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