Proposal for retail networks

Individual proposals to clients

When a customer walks into a store video detection modules identify him, the system analyzes the purchase history and compares it with the profile in social networks. If the system finds open data containing his phone number, the system sends a message with a unique offer such as for instance "Your personal milk discount is 30%. To use the discount, show this SMS to the cashier".
Every client with get individual proposals via sms.

Use facial recognition instead loyalty cards

The cashiers will easily and accurate recognize the regular clients
The cashiers will easily and accurate recognize the regular clients
Customers will no longer have to go through the routine procedure for restoring discount cards or worry about failures in the mobile application;
The system allows you to combine families into one group and accumulate their discounts into one

Usually the procedure of restoring a lost card consists of 4 steps

Our facial recognition software will save the client from the need to commit these actions
Get on web site or mobile application
Click on the profile icon
Go to the "Settings" section and click the "Lock card" button
The SMS with a code should be shown to the cashier

Identification of regular clients

Pay attention to the clients who:

  • Regularly visit your shop
  • Do not have loyalty cards

Improve their loyalty, make personal offers and discounts and they will appreciate it
Get actual information about the clients who regularly visit your shop but still don't' loyalty cards/ mobile application.

Customer service control

Improve the clients' attitude and get better feedbacks from the best clients
The system identifies the clients' emotions: joy, sadness, irritation, anger, etc.;
You can analyze the received data and assess the work of each servant to find out inefficient employees.

Efficiently operation store

Queue control
Route map, map of the most popular places
Black list
Conversion of the passing flow into visitors

Client profile

Using this statistical data, you will get a better understanding of your clients and a possibility to build an effective marketing policy
Age, gender, mood, and it indicates if the client came alone or with a company
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