Physical Access Control System (PACS) – is a software based on facial recognition that can be used as a physical access control system. In addition, the software allows you to control the labor discipline.

We offer a completely new approach to labor discipline control with the help of facial recognition system. No one will be able to use someone else's key card or sign any form for someone else, only the person allowed to enter the premises with commodity-material values will have access to it etc.

System Installation

To install the system we equip the entrances and exits with cameras and video recognition modules and integrate with your existing access control system. In case you do not have ACS yet, we will help you to install everything from scratch.
Our physical access control system (PASC) is designed to provide an authorized access to premises and secured areas.

The cost of the service

The cost of equipment is about 50 000 RUB.

Depending on your needs, the cost of monthly subscription service (for using the SOFTWARE) will be 3 000 - 50 000 RUB.
You can buy the equipment by yourself or with our help using our dealer discount.
Send us your request so we could guide you in detail according to the needs of your business.

System capability

With the help of facial recognition technology, the system identifies each employee, accurately defines the access category and provides with access to the facility/ premise and displays the following information about the employee:
Time of arrival and exit
How many time was spent for lunches/ breaks
Who joined the employee at the moment of arrival/ exit
Dynamics of the employee's emotions
Responsible people have a messenger to get the notifications.

Problems solved

Facial recognition provides you with a new approach to labour control discipline:
Reducing your expenses on inefficient employees
The manager will always be informed how much time the employee spent at work and how much time he spent on breaks
No one will be able to use the key card instead of the employee
The company will have a possibility to improve the efficiency of staff management using the operational statistics
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