Proposal for developers

Access control and management

Access to secured circuits by facial recognition, immediate notification that an authorized person is trying to get to the territory will be sent to the responsible staff.
You will reduce the number of accidents caused by the human factor.
You will reduce your operational expenses for access control.
You will get a high effective tool for labour discipline control (presence of employees and timely arrival)

Customer service control

Your facility will be equipped with "smart" cameras recognizing the dynamics of clients' emotions while they are communicating with the staff
Clients' mood changes during their communication with the staff is displayed is the scale of emotions. You can analyze the received data and assess the work of particular shifts;
Peaks of aggression and the images of aggressive clients will be displayed in a separate chart. The system immediately notifies the responsible employees about conflict situations

Improvement of public place security

Identification of aggressive citizens, immediate notifications about emergency situations;
Identification of black-listed people and immediate notifications about emergency situations are sent to the responsible staff;
The system is able to recognize faces in the dark with the help of infrared cameras
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